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This brilliantly simple technology gives you the right information, at the right time, all on one user friendly intuitive screen.

You can view a wide range of important information, including engine rpm, speed and trim angle, as well as engine temp and fuel economy in 13 different measurement units, and total fuel flow for multiple engine installations.
You’ll also receive alerts from the engine’s sensors and warning systems.

All you need for reliable, simple and relaxing boating, all in one simple, reassuring and reliable device.

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The Suzuki Multi-Function Display and its features offers you access to all the information you need to be assured for a comfortable and Ultimate boating experience. 



With the Multi-Function Display your boat and engine can now be connected to weather data, wherever you are in the world. It enables you to be in touch with your surrounding environment as well as control and operate all your other electronic devices on your boat.  Key benefit - the Suzuki Multi-Function Display is that it gives you access to all your Suzuki engine information so you can easily and quickly see the performance of your outboard/s in one clear view.

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