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High performance, lightweight, compact, and low on fuel consumption. The DF30A is lightest in class with the largest reduction gear ratio.

Offset crankshaft

Positioning the crankshaft slightly off-center from the cylinder the lateral pressure on the cylinder wall is reduced resulting in a smoother piston movement which improves operating efficiency.

Largest reduction gear ratio in its class
A large reduction gear ratio leads to powerful torque for quick acceleration and great top-end speed.

Battery-less electronic fuel injection
Delivers quicker easier starts, smoother running, and quick acceleration without the bulk and weight of a battery.

Direct intake
The cover design provides the direct intake system with a smoother, cooler flow of air boosting engine operating efficiency.

Lean Burn control system
Suzuki's Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine resulting in greater fuel economy.


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